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How to get the most using advanced Google Display Network technology
01 May 2020

How to get the most using advanced Google Display Network technology?


Google Display Network provides you a way to display your ads on millions of locations. These locations can include various websites, online games, web feeds and online video sites. It is the most powerful tool to reach customers in the right place at the right time. It provides you effective ad exposure beyond the search results.

Google Display Network allows you to create ads that include text, images and interactive videos. You can display these ads on relevant websites. You can track the performance of your campaign, manage your budget and analyze results.

Google Display Network helps you reach new customers, select specific pages or websites where your ads will appear and engage the customers with appealing ad formats. It provides you a variety of targeting options. You can select one, or more than one from the following options to target your audience:

  • Keyword Targeting

    enables you to show relevant ads to users across the entire Display Network. You can easily measure the performance of each keyword and make changes accordingly. Google Display Network uses broad match so use a limited number of keywords to target placement based on a relevant theme of ad groups.


  • Placement Targeting

    lets you put your ads on entire websites, specific pages of a website, apps, games or video sites. You can use the following types of placement targeting:
    • Automatic Placement: In this type of placement, Google selects placement automatically based on your keywords.
    • Managed Placement: In managed placement, you can select specific locations and set bids accordingly.
    • Negative Placement: With this type of placement, you can exclude irrelevant placements that are not driving any quality traffic to your business.


  • Topic Targeting

    helps you select specific topics, and Google will display your ads only on the websites relevant to your topic. It is the best way to expand your reach on related websites without targeting them one by one.


  • Remarketing and Interest Targeting

    provides you the ability to reach the right customers with the right ads. Remarketing brings the people back who have already visited your website. You can also target people based on their online behavior by identifying their common interest. It improves conversion rates, too.


  • Geographic, Language and Demographic Targeting

    enables you to show your ads by region, postal codes, language, age range or gender. With these targeting options, you can spend your budget only on the people who are interested in your business.


Google Display Network also provides you the advanced tools for ad–scheduling, frequency capping and site category exclusion. It helps you manage separate ad campaigns with separate budgets that maximizes your ROI. It generates awareness and improves sales by placing your ads in front of the most interested people, more often than not.


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