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How to create Compelling Google Ads
01 May 2020

How to create Compelling Google Ads?


Creating compelling ads plays a vital role in your Google AdWords campaign. A compelling and effective ad encourages the searchers to click on them and converts them into customers. An impressive ad improves the click-through-rate, quality score, ad rank and drives more customers to your business.


Ad text is the answer of the search query for what the audience is searching. It is a bridge between the search query and your landing page. Your goal is to create an ad that will bring the potential searchers toward the relevant direction, satisfy their needs and fulfill your business objectives.


It is important to optimize your ad text within a limited character length. Here are few tips for creating a compelling and effective ad copy:


  • Your ad must be informational and relevant to the search query. It should give the best possible answer to the searcher’s query.
  • Your ad should be understandable and specific. You should write different ad copies for different ad groups by using different sets of keywords.
  • Make sure to highlight the unique value proposition while writing your ad copy. It must describe the benefits of your products or services and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Showcase all the features and benefits of your products or services in your ad copy. It will help the searchers to differentiate you when they are comparing different products or services.
  • Keep your customers in mind and include emotionally beneficial statements about your products when creating ad copy.
  • For a better CTR, include main keywords in your ad headline and description. It makes your ad more creative and relevant, and that improves the performance of your campaign.
  • Include a call to action (CTA) in your ads to increase its effectiveness. It is a straightforward method to inform the customers of what you want them to do when they reach at your landing page.
  • Use creative themes and different thoughts in your ad copy. Include captivating headlines to draw the attention of your audience and show your product's specific benefits, features and price in the next two description lines.
  • Specifically display your URL in your ad. It describes to the audience where they will be directed after they click.
  • Your ad copy is the first impression of your website your audience will see, so make sure to format it properly. Your ad must have correct spelling and grammar, proper spacing, proper capitalization and punctuation. Do not use "jargon" in your ads.
  • Test different ad text and select the perfect ad copy that has a high CTR and conversion rate.


By following the above mentioned guidelines, you can create an effective ad copy. It will help you achieve a higher conversion rate and profits for your business. A compelling ad ensures a successful Google AdWords campaign that will generate leads and help you fulfill your business goals.



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