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Choosing the correct Keywords for your campaign
01 May 2020

Choosing the correct Keywords for your campaign


Keywords are the foundation for any Google AdWords campaign. Selecting the right keywords is the most important aspect that needs to be addressed carefully. Searchable and authentic keywords improve click through rate and quality score to gain higher conversions for your ads.


Keyword are the phrases or words that prompt your ads to display on search results pages. If you have a keyword that matches the search query, only then will your ad show on search results pages. Choosing the correct keywords is of great importance for advertising with Google AdWords. Keywords with high search volumes will provide high quality traffic.


You need to keep in mind some rules when creating keywords for your ad campaign. For examples, keywords can have 80 characters and not more than 10 words, keywords are not case sensitive, periods, commas, and hyphens are treated as spaces, most symbols like @ % ^ * () = {} ; ~ ` <> ? \ are not allowed in keywords, accent marks are treated as unique characters, & are allowed in keywords, etc.


Few tips for selecting the most beneficial keywords for your ad campaign are:


  • Think like a customer and research terms that would be used by a customer for searching for your product or services. Categorize them into different groups and run separate campaigns.
  • Select the keywords which are more specific and relevant to your product or service. Try out some general or specific keywords and check to see if are they providing better results to reach your potential customers.
  • Group your similar keywords and ads into themes. It will help you organize different ad groups in different categories based on product or services and show your ads to potential customers.
  • Choose the right number of keywords for your campaign that can be related directly to your group theme. Well targeted keywords will bring more traffic for your business.
  • Use the keyword planner tool in Google AdWords to find the keywords that can perform well and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Add some negative keywords for which your ad will not be shown in search results. Negative keywords enable you to display your ads only for the search terms you want. It reduces cost and improves click through rate (CTR).
  • Use the search term report to measure the performance of your keywords. It gives you complete information about the keywords which were used in the search query when people clicked on your ads. It helps you to identify negative keywords.
  • Incorporate the best keyword match type. Whether it is a broad match, exact match or phrase match, select the appropriate option for your ad campaign.


You can improve your Google AdWords performance by discovering the best keywords for your campaign. It will save you time, money, and will also maximize your business’s exposure to potential customers and become successful.


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